Live the Dream in 2015!

Happy New Year!

WOW…already the 19th of January! And…it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Thought this would be a perfect day to explore a possible theme for this year… LIVE THE DREAM in 2015!

Imagine Create LiveThe last month or so has been quite a ride of adventures up and down, round and round, inside and out, and all about! And…from what I have been hearing, other people are also experiencing changes and adjustments into this New Year-New World! The key for me is to catch the downward spirals BEFORE they get to the deep, dark, dungeons of despair…and get back into Heart Balance. And…to realize that absolutely every experience is here for a reason and tapping into the Heart-Center for the Intuitive Guidance is ALWAYS the best way out of it and on to the next steps of Living the Dream in 2015… And…many times we can get there by ourselves and other times we need a little help…

And…being in the adventure of it all…observing ourselves and the beauty of life in ALL of our human experiences is the true nature of Living the Dream!        The richness of life comes in tapping more fully into our Heart-Center and following through with the guidance it brings. I have recently been studying the research that HeartMath ( has conducted in relation to the heart and heart rhythms and how quickly we can step out of stress and into love by focusing on and from our heart. And…no matter what we are going through, when we come back to the heart and get into the feeling state of how we want to be…things change in a very positive way…

I have known about the HeartMath Research for many years… It is on my list of things (right now the list is at 75 and growing:-) we can do to LET GO and ALLOW the different ways to Live our Dreams to show up in our daily activities!  However, over the Holidays, I was guided to take a deeper look into HeartMath through the work of Sheva Carr’s “Being the Source of Love”.  It was WAY COOL because I was getting validated right and left and up and down and mostly from the Heart-Center that the HeartMath research is a HUGE scientific validation for the foundation of ALL the programs and services that I offer. The quote that I use as part of everything I teach, every session that I facilitate, every person that I coach, and it seems to come up in many every day conversations is:

What we THINK about we bring about…
What we FOCUS on we find…
What we FEEL becomes real…
~Kathy Larsen

And…after studying more of the HeartMath research examples, I have a renewed sense of excitement about this statement. Especially the FEEL part because I believe the Heart (where feeling begins:-) is the key to creating what we want in our lives! FEELing our intentions/dreams/goals from the HEART and engaging all the senses from there, energizes the flow into the next steps of Living the Dream in 2015!

So…on this Special Day of Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr…I invite you to spark your HeartLight Connection, Tune in to your Heart, Take a Deep Breath or two, and Tap the infinite Source of Love that is always there to bring you into Balance and Allow you to LIVE YOUR DREAMS in 2015!

And…feel free to share any dreams here to help amplify the intention and focus…:-)  I will be glad to bring some Heart-Energy into your dreams too! And…if your Heart says you need some assistance for yourself, your family, your community, or your workplace! Feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to explore the possibilities with you…

Until next time…Have a Happy Heart Day!

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Communicating with S.E.L.F!

Hi There!

Communication is the life-blood of ALL of our daily encounters! In my experience with individuals and teams, Communication is ALWAYS a KEY piece of the puzzle to Empower Ourselves, Enhance Relationships, and Engage Employees!

IMG_1342And…Communication starts with ourSELVES…  When we Communicate in positive ways with ourselves, the Communication with others becomes much more enjoyable… The more positive energy and words that we speak in our heads or to others about ourSELF, the more positive our Communication will be with others. Research shows over and over again that our thoughts and energy create our reality. My underlying quote and philosophy of all of my programs and my life is:

“What we THINK about we bring about…
What we FOCUS on we find…
What we FEEL becomes real…”
~Kathy Larsen

So…as we step into this realm of positive focus coming to ourselves from ourselves, we can then begin to experience more opportunities to focus in that way with others in our life. Energizing our Communication with positive energy, no matter what our experiences in the past have been:-), frees up a new way of being with people in this new moment of time… And…yep…it does take practice…at least that is how it has been for me!!! And…more opportunities for practicing these principles seem to pop up now and then to make sure I am practicing what I teach…HA:-)!!!

Since Communication so depends on each of us as individuals and how we are showing up, I came up with a new formula for the KEY to Communicating Effectively:

S.E.L.F. = Stop Everything & Listen Focus

The KEY to be a Great Communicator and Empowering Relationship Builder is to LISTEN. As we get good at Stopping Everything Else we are Doing and Listening with Focused Attention, people feel Heard, Valued, Honored, and Respected. And…YOU become the Communication HERO as you model this life enhancing behavior…

So…I encourage you to take some time for S.E.L.F. today!  Enjoy how much easier Communication can be when we show up with positive energy and focus ourSELF on the other person and really Listen Listen Listen to the Words, Tone of Voice, and Body Language of those around us. You might be surprised at what you ‘really’ hear. This is one of my 9 Action Guides to Effective Listening…

And…I have a lot more tools to assist the journey to bring out that Communication Hero in You! Or, to Enhance the Communication for your Team/Organization. If you are interested in seeing more about my speaking and coaching services check them out here, or contact me here.

In the Meantime…  Have a Day Filled with Empowering Communications!


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Ever Feel Like You’re Walking on Eggshells?

Hi There!

I have heard this from several people lately in regard to communicating with key people in their life!

And…to be honest…it is something that has been a part of my life with certain people over the years. Knowing I have something that really needs to be said…yet…realizing if I don’t say it in the right way, it could be taken wrong and I could get a ‘not so good’ reaction! Of course, this is based on past interactions with those particular people who have reacted in anger, defensiveness, or just didn’t listen at all. And…that can bring up intense fear depending on the person, situation, and past experience…  So…this is what typically happens…things just become unsaid and stuffed inside because it just isn’t worth it to talk about it... And…the egg shells keep expanding and growing with more situations and people…

Until…we decide to change that pattern! Stuffing our feelings and not speaking about what is up for us (in an appropriate way:-) can cause all kinds of havoc in our body, mind, and spirit. At least that was my experience and appears to be the experience of many of my clients. Several years ago, I began to realize this ‘walking on eggshells’ pattern was no longer serving me (or those around me:-) and it was time to do something about it. The final straw was when my body started telling me VERY CLEARLY...if I didn’t take care of this, I most likely was not going to be on the planet for very much longer…:-)

So…I listened and took action! And…within this process of getting my body, mind, and spirit back in balance, I learned and experienced so much about myself, my triggers, and most importantly I created some FUN ways to Clear the Way to express myself better in all situations. And…along the way, I discovered OH SO MUCH MORE that was running the show in regard to this ‘walking on eggshells’ pattern I was experiencing.

It has been an amazing journey so far! I am so blessed for all the people, places, and things that have been my triggers over the years to allow me to learn and grow and bring myself back into alignment in order to express myself more fully, communicate more effectively, and live a more vibrant life….on purpose, with passion, in playfulness…:-)

One of my most favorite things to do is help others move through their triggers so they can get on with their life! It is an honor to be that sounding board, that place for people to stomp on those eggshells and say what needs to be said, and to share their stories in a safe, accepting, caring, environment. Then intuitively create the uniquely personalized way for them to CLEAR THE WAY to being, doing, and having what they are wanting more of in life… 

I got a MAJOR VALIDATION yesterday that I FINALLY TOTALLY CLEARED a HUGE ‘walking on eggshells’ trigger that has been a part of my journey for a very long time… I was chipping away at it…and NOW NOW NOW it is GONE! YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!  So…in CELEBRATION of that, I am finishing this blog post TODAY! Thanks so much for being here to help me CELEBRATE!!!!

So…What are your triggers? Are you taking time to listen to them? Are you taking action to clear them? Are you blaming someone else or owning your “walking on eggshells” reactions to people, places, and things? Are you exploring new ways to express yourself? Do you feel balanced in body, mind, and spirit? Are you skipping through life or tip toeing through the eggshells?

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for HELP:-)!  Many times it only takes one session to CLEAR THE WAY to the next steps on your journey!

Until Next Time…Have a CLEAR DAY!

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Things aren’t always as they seem…

Hi There!

WOW…almost the end of August! Time is just moving right along! And…to take us back in time and cool things off a bit, I decided to share a picture with you to see what you see? Isn’t this a sweet picture of my Mom and Dad in their early years of marriage? My cousin had the statue made of the actual picture for their 50th Wedding Anniversary several years ago. Look closely… Does it look to you like they are dancing or does something else come to mind???

Mom and Dad Statue Well…when I first saw the statue, I was sure they were dancing together in a sweet loving connection. They met at a dance and in my growing up years, I really didn’t see them in an embrace like this very often. They looked like they were having such a sweet time of it. Then…a year or so ago, I asked my Mom where the statue was because I remembered it from their 50th anniversary celebration and I was so taken by how sweet they looked together.

Then…when she brought it out, I was fondly looking at it and asked if she remembered this dancing experience. She laughed and said “Oh, we weren’t dancing, he was throwing a snowball at me and I was pushing him away!” LOL…:-)  NOW…THAT would be my DAD! I hadn’t really noticed that they had coats on. However, I was sure if they were in a loving connected moment, they could have stopped to break into a loving dance move together…Right?

I share this “things aren’t always as they seem” example for a couple of reasons. First, August is my Dad’s Birthday month and he passed away 12 years ago. So…in memory of him and his playful spirit, I share this precious picture with you. Second, it was such a wonderful example of how my view of things may be different than other’s views and how important it is to ask questions directly to those involved to get to the truth of the matter…

I recently facilitated an all day “Getting Results through Communication” Program and reminded the participants how our words, energy, non-verbals, actions, etc. can communicate something different than what we are wanting to communicate. It is so important that all of the pieces are in sync to make sure we are being clear, being heard, and being understood…

How many times do we go through life making assumptions or making up stories about people, places, situations, and things only to find out that we put all that energy into something that wasn’t even true? So…bottom line…when we are unclear about something…go to the source and ask clarifying questions…then listen for the truth to unfold… It just works better that way!

Oh…BTW…the “Cool things off a bit” that I mentioned in the first part of this message was of course “The SNOWBALL SURPRISE”! Winter will be here before we know it…YIKES!

Until next time…Hope the rest of the Summer brings Crystal Clear Views for YOU!!!



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Butterfly Freedom…on FREEDOM DAY!

Yes Yes Yes…the Butterfly Spread her wings and began to fly on the 4th of July!

Butterfly is Born

The words below came to me prior to July 4th! You might want to consider taking a DEEP BREATH, then read the words as they Spark your Heart and Ignite your Soul into Full Flow!

The way is clear for Bright Lights to Flash…on Freedom Day…at last at last…

Prepare the way for Celebration and More…as you step through the haze and open the door…

Together we shine and take a stand…Just open the door and reach out your hand…

We touch it with honor and love you too…we take your hand as you step out of the goo…

Yes, my dear, it is time to BE FREE…from the goo that has kept you from Flying with ME… 

The Soul Self I AM and filled with Energy….to Lighten your load and Create Loving Synergy!

SO…as the Butterfly breaks through, the Soul Self Engages, and all comes together for the next chapter of life living life in each precious moment! So many amazing fireworks and beautiful celebrations as we celebrate the birth of our country and the freedom it brings! And…in the midst of it ALL the Butterfly opens its empowering wings…:-)  I can already FEEL the new adventures coming into play…HIP HIP HOORAY!!!  Stay tuned…

How is your Butterfly Transformation coming along? Would love to hear from you! We are in Mid-Year Now… This is a perfect time to re-view the past, let go of the old ‘goo’ no longer serving us, and open Freedom’s Door at last! 

Until next time…Happy Soaring!

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Two Wings Out…Butterfly Metaphor Continues…!

Hi There!

YES, indeed! Two wings are out and time to take a break and reflect on all the wonderful experiences that have brought me to this stage of the Butterfly Journey… Still Smiling too!

Mike, Zhenia, Me Tent, River Cabin 011


Well…the first draft of this blog post is what is above this picture…:-) And…that was on June 4th…I guess I really was ready for a break! Today it is June 25th…YIKES!

I have been Reflecting, Releasing, Reviewing, and Renewing since the 2 Wings came out!


Sometimes we get stopped in our transformation tracks…whether we plan it or not:-). In my case, a bit of ‘cocoon goop’ needed to be freed to truly let that other wing out… What I have found on my journey is the more we fight the ‘goop’ the stickier and harder the transformation can be. As we commit to going with the flow, laughing at situations that show up, facing our fears, letting go of old patterns, and just being with it ALL in the moment…it can be one of the most amazing times on the road to Butterfly Freedom.

So…when I went off for what I ‘thought’ was going to be a relaxing and refreshing “Me, Myself, and I Retreat Time” (This is the name I gave to my Personal Retreats when I go somewhere away from everything and everybody to just BE WITH ME for a few days:-) in Kansas City some ‘cocoon goop’ was ready to move out. I was thrown into what became a Wild and Crazy Time of Facing Fears, Noisy Neighbors, Rude Encounters, and Lots and Lots of Surrendering, Releasing and Letting Go…WHEW! And…it was probably one of the most valuable “Clearning Experiences” that I have had in a very long time! “Clearning” is a combo word I created that involves both clearing and learningCOOL HUH???

You see…in my view…everything happens for a reason. And…when we really believe this as we go into all of life’s adventures, we can be in a state of curiosity and wonder vs. anger and frustration. I knew it would be a much more enjoyable time if I just surrendered to what I was ‘REALLY’ there for…ha! So…I asked for more information and guidance to assist me during this time. Especially since it was very clear to me the first night that I wasn’t there to rest, relax, and take lots of naps…LOL:-). And…the answer was…

This is a time for you to Expand vs. Retreat!  And…THAT I Did…in Oh So Many Ways…YIPPPEEEEE!!! I took each step as guided on this special roller coaster retreat ride…released ‘cocoon goop’ along the way…and came out on the other side in an expanded state of awareness and clarity to move forward on the next stage of my journey:-)! And…one big thing I was reminded of from this “Me, Myself, and I ‘Retreat’ Time” in Kansas is:

There’s no place like HOME:-)!!!

So…how is your Cocoon into Butterfly Journey going? Would love to hear from you! In the meantime, stay tuned for the next stage of the Beauty in the Butterfly Adventure…  Soon to be Flying FREE!!!


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One Wing Breaking Through…

Hi Again!  The Butterfly is breaking through…one wing at a time!

I am grateful to have the fireplace right there and one arm free to toss anything that is no longer serving me into the fire:-). And…if you look to the right, you can see the door is open and ready for that Butterfly to Fly! And…if you look closely you can see that the SMILE is still there in the midst of this transformation…

Mike, Zhenia, Me Tent, River Cabin 015

I just love metaphors and symbolism! Since many of you enjoyed the last Butterfly Blog, I decided to keep the story going. My Butterfly Story is a continuing saga of the ebb and flow of cocooning and butterflying and everything in between.

Because I am at my best when I am speaking, facilitating, coaching, and writing many of you may think my journey has been one of continuously flying high and soaring on the wings of a butterfly. Well…my response to that is. “I guess you weren’t there when I was laying on the floor in a fetal position crying my eyes out, in gut wrenching fear, and heart-hammering emotions screaming at the top of my lungs, “Why won’t anyone help me, PLEASE, I need someone to help me…I feel so alone…no one will help me…SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!”.  

Actually, I had told my husband right before this episode NOT to bother me if he heard any weird things going on in my healing room…LOL:-) I just knew that something BIG was surfacing inside of me and it was WAY READY to be released… I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to happen. However, my guidance was telling me to go into my special meditation space, light some candles, put a particular piece of music on, lay down on the floor, take 3 deep belly breaths, and let my body take it from there…  It was absolutely amazing as I took each of those steps and then witnessed the emotions surfacing in my body and allowed it all to come out and clear the way to the next stage of my journey…

Afterwards, as I was still on the floor, I took a couple of deep refreshing breaths …AHHHHHHHH! Then…I SMILED and said out loud “WOW…That was COOL”! 

I have to admit, that was one of my most intense releases! However…it was a very Memorable One! And…so many tentacles of awareness came to me after that experience. This took me to a new level of understanding about the LOAD of ‘stuff’ that I was letting go of in that multi-faceted guided activity.

SO…I have many more examples of multiple ways that I have ‘cleared the way’ on my path as “stuff” came up for exploration. I am so grateful for this journey and all the experiences and amazing practitioners, coaches, friends, healers, etc. who have played a key role in my  transformations. Sometimes I could handle it myself, as described above. Other times I needed support, guidance, and encouragement from someone I was guided to next on my journey…  

And…BTW…my journey is a continuing playground of exploration. I am still experiencing amazing people, places, and things to support and encourage me along the way. However, at this point, I recognize more quickly the ‘stuff’ that may be ready to release, trust my guidance, follow through, and move more quickly to that next butterfly place. The difference now is that I do it more in the playful energy of ease and grace and the spirit of joy…

And…one of the most rewarding and honoring things that I do in my work (play:-) is to help others move through the “stuff” that shows up for them as they move more fully into creating more Purpose, Passion, and Playfulness in Every Day Life!

So…if you feel like screaming “HELP!  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!”, you might want to consider checking in with your Heart to see if it is time to schedule a Private Session with me (In-person, Phone, or Skype) or come to a Conscious Creation PlayShop, Retreat, or some other event to play into your unique situation and clear the way to take the next steps on your journey…

And…if you are guided to…please feel free to share a comment or one of your ‘cocooning into butterfly’ stories here! I would love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by… 

Watch for the next episode of the Butterfly Metaphor Story coming soon…

In the meantime…Have an  Amazingly Awesome Journey!


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Are You Coming Out of Your Cocoon?

Hi There!  I feel like I am finally coming out of my Cocoon!  How about You?

Mike, Zhenia, Me Tent, River Cabin 014Each phase of clearing the Cocoon can be a little scary sometimes! It just feels so darn safe in the protection of that Comfortable Cocoon. We know how beautiful it will be when we evolve into Butterfly Mode. However, each step of the process can bring up little (or sometimes BIG) fear energies that keep wanting us to go back in there instead of breaking FREE to BE the Beautiful Butterfly that we are destined to BE! So…as you can see…I am inching my way out and already a smile touches my face as I begin to see clearly how beautiful and playful it is outside of the comfort of the cocoon.

So…one step at a time…the NEW ME is breaking FREE!  Hope that’s TRUE for YOU TOO!

I’m back to posting on My Blog again after several months. And…I now have a HeartLight Connection Facebook Page ( in case you are guided to ‘LIKE’ it:-). And…I just finished writing the “Let Go” Chapter of my new book. I am taking these as SIGNS that I am Breaking FREE to Butterfly Land…YAY! Thank you Comfortable Cocoon for being such a supportive and loving place to hibernate in preparation for this new stage of my journey…

How is your Butterfly Breakthrough coming along?? Would love to hear from you…

Until next time…Have a Happy Colorful Butterfly Day!

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Let’s Take a B.L.Y.S.S. Break!

Hi There!

WOW…I have been hearing a lot lately how people are stressed out! And…we are only at the beginning of the Holiday Season! So…I thought it would be great timing to share a quick tip to help you shift the energy if you fall into that stressed out place that really doesn’t serve anyone…Especially YOU!

B. is for BREATHE…Sometimes this first step is all we need to get back in Balance. Just take a DEEP BREATH in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathing in fresh air and out stale air. Try it…if your not quite there…take a few more deep breaths… ahhhhhhhh:-)

L. is for LAUGH…This of course is a FUN one! You can just bust out laughing for no reason or think of something that makes you laugh. If you have a particular thing that is frustrating you…just stop and laugh about it! And…next time you see LOL…Do It:-)!!!

Y. is for YAWN…This is a powerful energy booster. It opens the channels so energy can flow more freely. And…it gets your chattering mind focused on something besides chattering:-)

S. is for STRETCH…This can be done by itself or at the same time as Yawning to add a blast of energy throughout your system. Do it while sitting or stand up and move around to really get a higher level of connection and balance going.

S. is for SMILE…By now you are probably doing this:-). Just keep it going and remember to look for it next time you are near a mirror. A SMILE is contagious and it is important to see how we are being seen by those around us. So…SMILE in the mirror and notice if it FEELS like something that is normally on your face…:-) Just makes you SMILE to think about doing that…right?

Well…there you have it! The B.L.Y.S.S. BREAK! A simple, easy, quick, playful way to add more JOY to your Day! And…if you get more people in your environment to join you, it even adds more power to the positive energy created…

And…if you choose to B.L.Y.S.S., It would be great to hear about your experience. Just leave a note here so others can enjoy it too or send me an e-mail or give me a call! I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

Until next time…Enjoy the Holiday Adventures…

Many BLYSSings,


(Important Note: As I was completing this BLOG post, I realized that sometimes when we wait too long to take a BLYSS Break…3 more SSS’s may be in order before starting the BLYSS Break (SCREAM, STOMP, and STEP Away). THEN…BLYSS out all over the place…LOL:-)

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J.O.Y. + J.O.Y. = JOY Magnified!

Hi There!

J.O.Y. has been revealed!!!   I recently facilitated a “J.O.Y. Connection for Women” at the HeartLight Connection Gathering Place…  It was a beautiful tapestry of creating, letting go, and playing into new possibilities!  And…during our time together I shared the symbolic meaning of J.O.Y. that I have been playing with for quite some time…  AND…NOW…I am sharing it with you so you can enjoy it too!

J.O.Y.  (Jump Over Yourself!)  +  J.O.Y.  (Just Open Yourself)   =   JOY MAGNIFIED!!!

Very simple process.  Here are the guidelines:

1.  Write down things you feel no longer serve you in creating what you want. (Words, phrases, emotions, anything that pops up as you write:-). Or, simply write the words “anything that is no longer serving me at this time” . Or, just energetically place anything that no longer serves you or put some sort of symbolic representation of it right there in front of you on the floor or ground. (Whatever shows up for you, is your intuitive way to play into this process:-)

2.  JUMP OVER IT…YEP…JUST JUMP OVER IT!!!  Consciously focus on JUMPING over anything that is no longer serving you on your journey to your intentions, dreams, and heart’s desires. Literally, JUMP OVER  IT:-)

3.  After you have JUMPED over it…Just BREATHE the FRESHNESS of Letting Go Letting Go Letting Go of ALL that old worn out energy that is no longer serving you NOW…  A BIG SMILE on the face helps too….:-)

4.  Then, OPEN your arms wide, ALLOWING your heart (chest) to OPEN wide… Take three DEEP Breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth). Breathing in JOY JOY JOY….(or whatever positive word or energy you are guided to breathe in and out). ALLOW it to FLOW from the Heart into all areas of your body…AHHHHHHHH!!

5.  Stand with normal breathing for a bit to ALLOW it to Integrate and Balance into your body, mind, and spirit…


THAT’s IT!!!  Simple, Easy, and FUN!!!  YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Here is the deal…if something keeps coming into our awareness that we are being called to create. And…it keeps coming up and coming up and coming up…  Well…chances are pretty good this is something that our Heart and Soul is nudging us to create.  SO…the only thing keeping YOU from your Conscious Creation is YOURSELF:-).  This simple exercise helps to LET GO of those old belief systems, habits, attachments, wounds, energies, fears, etc. etc. etc. that keep us from moving forward on our Conscious Creation path and into True JOY!!!

If you are guided to play into this process, you most likely will notice something RIGHT AWAY that validates that IT WORKED!  Someone may act differently around you, a new message may show up for your next step, you may feel lighter, you may feel clearer, you may feel happier, the list goes on and on…  Just be aware of what shows up for you. It can be different for each person!  And…that is what makes it SO MUCH FUN!!!

Since the outcome can be different for each of you, I would love to hear your feedback as you try this simple, yet powerful, activity to move you to the next playful step on your journey into JOY MAGNIFIED…  Just post it here or send me an e-mail…  Thanks so much for joining me on this Conscious Creation Journey…:-) 

Until next time… Have a JOYFILLED DAY!!!!!!!!!!

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